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Using various International Standards to ensure compliance, quality and reliability in all products delivered.


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  • To meet the present and future training needs in the maritime industry, KONGSBERG has developed the POLARIS ship’s bridge simulator, which is our 6th generation system. POLARIS is the result of detailed studies that have defined the optimum solution. In addition to an extremely high level of realism, the POLARIS ship’s bridge simulator offers user-friendliness and flexibility, key features providing high levels of instructor control and greater variety of course offerings – capabilities demanded by training institutes and organizations worldwide.

    • Ship Handling
    • Ice Navigation
    • Simple Particle Injection
    • Radar Navigation
    • Dynamic Positioning
    • Vessel Traffic System
    • Communication GMDSS
    • Research & Development
    • Tug and Escort Operation
    • Ships and Port Design
    • Crisis Management
    • Search & Rescue
    • Anti-Terror
  • K-Sim Navigation is a new generation ship’s bridge simulator specially designed for the future of advanced and integrated simulation training. It is based on a cutting-edge technology platform enabling more realistic training scenarios and enhanced user benefits for both instructors and students.

    K-Sim Navigation is a robust, stable and reliable system, which builds on more than 40 years’ experience in the development of advanced market leading maritime simulators.

    Fulfilling STCW and DNV GL standards for maritime training, K-Sim Navigation provides a structured and cost-efficient method to build competence. It is designed for the future of advanced simulation training and introduces a range of new user benefits in addition to a unique level of realism.

    Integration of a highly sophisticated physics engine and advanced hydrodynamic modelling, allows vessels, objects and equipment to behave and interact as they do in real life. This is also reflected in the new visual system, which provides optimum realism in details, motion and environmental weather conditions.

  • As a major world-wide supplier of ship automation and control systems, KONGSBERG has a detailed knowledge of the systems and processes onboard and a thorough understanding of the industry’s training needs.
    To meet the present and future training needs in the maritime and offshore industry, we have developed a sophisticated engine room simulator, K-Sim® Engine (previously known as Neptune). K-Sim® Engine includes a range of engine models, all of which are certified by DNV GL and exceeds the existing STCW requirements.

    Highly realistic training tool

    All K-Sim® Engine models are developed based on actual ship specifications and performance data, making the simulator as realistic as possible. K-Sim® Engine provides high quality training in every aspect, from details in a single sub-system to the overall running of a loading or discharge operation, including handling of emergency situations.

    From desktop to full mission simulators

    We offer cost-effective solutions to fit every requirement and budget. K-Sim® Engine can be configured from a PC desktop to an operational full mission engine room simulator using custom panels and ship equipment. In addition, we provide an e-learning (web-enabled) module and the possibility to use floating licences, giving training centres maximum value for money.

  • Competence saves money & the environment

    Kongsberg Maritime's cargo and ballast handling simulators, K-Sim Cargo and K-Sim Ballast, enable high quality training in every aspect of complex load and discharge operations, from single sub-systems to the overall running of the operation.

    Compared to conventional training, simulators offer a more structured method of building high levels of competence. During simulation training, one can isolate and freeze each sub-system to understand and acquire knowledge, perform critical operations repeatedly to train skills and test and develop attitudes by training in situations that demand complex decision making.

    Through ordinary and extraordinary training situations, students and crews are given the opportunity to experience daily operational requirements and learn the vital skills for dealing with emergency conditions.

    Proper simulator training is an effective way to build crew competence, and provide confidence and relevant experience. Simulators can maximize performance and lead to enhanced operational safety and efficiency.

  • In advanced offshore operations, sophisticated equipment and highly trained crew are extremely important. Practicing standard procedures and emergency situations prior to a mission is crucial to ensure safety and efficiency during often complex operations. While training on actual vessels, rigs and cranes can be too costly, risky or impractical, simulation training provides the best solution to ensure your crew performs with the precision and high standards required.

    Training Solution that enhance safety and efficiency

    The K-Sim® Offshore simulator offers a unique, complete and structured method to test procedures and build competence. It meets the training needs of the offshore industry and provides a virtual, yet fully realistic training environment where mistakes can become lessons learnt without risking lives or damage to vessels, equipment or the environment.

    Training Possibilities

    K-Sim® Offshore's flexibility enables an unrivalled variety of training possibilities including anchor handling, ship handling in an offshore environment, emergencies and advanced integrated team training scenarios; where every aspect of a demanding operation is simulated in real-time.

  • At KONGSBERG, we endeavour to work in close partnership with our customers - from project initiation, to installation and throughout the simulator system's operational lifetime.
    K-Sim Support concept consists of a range of customised service- and support activities.

    Long Term System Support Program K-Sim Support Services

    At an agreed annual rate, you will get scheduled support and annual software updates that will keep your system at optimum performance throughout its life span.
    Our team has extensive knowledge of your system, which enables us to proactively inform you about recommended services, modifications and available updates.
    The LTSSP concept includes three pre-defined levels of support, targeted to your individual needs:

    • Basic
    • Priority
    • Premium

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